Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Misc

The Martinez administration is asking for more money for the State Investment Office and saying that the increase in value of the permanent funds they manage shows they deserve it.  The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board signed on to the idea.  But what the Journal has not done is an honest look at the history of the funds and how they go up and down with the economy.  The Richardson Administration showed six years of great returns before the bottom fell out of the economy.  Richardson was blamed for the bad performance of the funds after the recession hit.  But he was never given credit for the great growth in the prior years.  I wonder if the Journal could scratch around to find a journalist to look at the long range performance.  Fat Chance.

The massing of consumers at malls and big box stores on Thanksgiving reminded me that mobs can be formed and set to a task at any time.  Think of the rush to war in Iraq under the Bush Administration.  It worked about the same.  There is really nothing wrong with shopping but it shows the power of the media to influence behavior.  Be the first to shop for Christmas because others will, was the message.  Kind of like saying WMDs in Iraq might be real.

Governor Martinez is trying to reform her image as a caring immigrant friendly person.  Will anyone show her record on this issue?  Certainly nothing from news media.  Can someone ask her why she changed her mind?  And not take a B.S. spin for an answer.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

That's an interesting comparison, shopping and war.

The mob aspect. What they have in common is the media's role, but there would be something on the receiving end, in human nature, that would be in common, also. What is it about us? Why would those two things come to the surface?

As for the Journal, for some reason I have had online access to the whole paper lately. I read an editorial the other day that started off "Big government, i.e. the Environmental Protection Agency..."

That's the editorial page? That's the part of the paper they want you to take seriously?

That's a childish little sideswipe at the idea that government works for the collective good and is something of value. That's a Republican hot button sound bite designed to bypass the thinking process and appeal to the emotions, which in the case of the editorial writer it did.

That's one thing, but a real newspaper would never have language like that in an editorial.