Thursday, November 15, 2012


Is John McCain getting senile?  Just asking.

Is Mitt Romney confirming his disdain for the 47% by saying whole demographic categories have received gifts from Obama?  You betcha!

Will we be run over by rodents after a wholesale slaughter of coyotes?  This isn't about hunters rights, what ever those might be.  It is about eco systems.  I used to hunt a lot and enjoyed the out doors.  It wasn't about wholesale killing.

Will Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar be slowly eased out of his job for threatening a reporter?  He acted on impulse because he was put into a hard spot by an unexpected or allowed question about wild horses.  If he does go then maybe the White House could choose a replacement that is more conservationist than cowboy.

I am steadily improving my flexibility and mobility after knee surgery.  It has been a tough two weeks but I am improving.  Woo Hoo.   I will have to do this all over again though for the other knee.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

It's hard for me to tell where John McCain's senility starts up and where that time he spent in captivity in Vietnam lets off. Maybe about the time he nominated Sarah Palin.