Friday, November 02, 2012


I think I am feeling better being at home.  Slept pretty good.  Now awaiting my first home therapy.  So far it still is easier than I feared.  Thanks to Lovelace Westside and Dr. Mcennerney.  I would give the hospital a rating of 10 except for one nurse.  So, they get a nine.

I just will concentrate on all of this for a while.  Politics seems a little secondary right now.  Although my blood pressure went up after watching a commercial from the far right that suggests the Chinese will be running our country in a few years.  All because of the stimulus program from the Congress and Obama.

I would like to see some journalists track down the people who are responsible for these commercials.  I want to see their pictures because I wonder if they look as crazy as they are.  They probably all look like Trump.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I'm not sure if it's airing here yet but in his latest ad Romney brags about his endorsement by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Meanwhile a new secretly recorded video shows him at a private fundraiser saying that the Department of Labor's task is to oversee American jobs so he plans to move it to China.

Glad things are going well. Take care of yourself. Concentrate on your therapy. Leave the Harley in the garage.

Rodney said...