Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Have a great Thanksgiving!  Best Holiday of the Year in my opinion.  Our daughter Noelle and her husband Luke will drive down from Ft. Collins.  We will have our regular crew over for feast.  None of them are dumb enough to give that up for a trip to Walmart.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy.

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There's a movement rising up against Wal Mart on several fronts. A call to boycott it on Black Friday has the backing of the Wall Street Movement and is causing a lot of activity on Facebook. There will be people demonstrating here and there.

And there's some union organizing going on in individual locations, and some are being given support by the established union movement.

There have been a couple of actions already, one day walkouts, demonstrations, and at least one strike. So far Wal Mart is trying to deal with it by giving concessions and not firing the strikers, but they (Wal Mart) did just file an unfair labor practices complaint over it.

Wal Mart's concessions really surprised me. That family is so anti union that when two Canadian Wal Marts formed unions they just closed the stores, and Wal Mart employees are forced to listen to constant anti union propaganda in mandatory meetings.

But the Waltons may be more astute than the US media, which has not given enough credit for the Democrats' election success to the conscientiousness raising Occupy has done.

Or to Latinos. It's significant that much of the organizing at Wal Marts is being done by Latinos, many of them women.

Remember that when a presidential election was stolen in the US, nothing happened. When one was stolen in Mexico, the next day two million people were in the streets, one million of them in the square in downtown Mexico City alone. Our newer immigrants have different histories and a more sophisticated political consciousness than we do, which is why we need more immigration, not less.

Or maybe we can trade a few million of them for a few million of these losers who want to secede.