Monday, November 05, 2012


This knee therapy reminds me of the presidential campaign.  Every day you do it as instructed it seems that the stress of the stretching actually makes you less flexible.  It gets harder, just like Obama's campaign.  Friday I could flex the knee 90 degrees.  Yesterday it had gone down to 81 degrees.  But, I am told this is normal and that one day I will get up and it will be in good shape.  Just like Obama on Wednesday morning.  The difference between us is that he did self surgery on himself in the form of that first debate.

 I am still putting all my bets on Obama.  Those electoral votes look heavily skewed for him in the tossup states.  I shudder to think of the new challenges awaiting either candidate after election time.  Obama will still govern with a beating heart.  Romney will govern with a tax rate.

I hope this post makes sense.  I just took a pain pill.  WooHoo!


Vicki said...

Hope you're feeling no and Wednesday...we've got to beat back the reactionary wave...

Bubba Muntzer said...

We all wish we had pain pills about now.

Michael Tomasky has a piece in the Daily Beast, "The Coming Post-Election GOP Freak Out."

Basically, they will go beserk with charges of fraud and from there move on into a state of permanent bitter vindictive obstructionism.

Of course we, Tomasky, everyone who wants Obama to win, is seeing things from a place of anxiety right now, from which it's easy to imagine a horrific post election America.

But when Obama actually does win, we will gleefully sit there and watch the Republicans moan and whine and make excuses and watch for the signs of self destruction as they all turn on each other and blame each other for their humiliating defeat. I can hardly wait.