Thursday, November 08, 2012

If I Think It, It is True

After reading this you will rejoice that the Romney Clown Posse won't be making decisions on foreign policy and economic policy.

And I went in for my followup visit for knee surgery.  Here is what the x-ray looked like.  I will be setting off those airport security scanners.


Bosque Bill said...

Note: the link to the CBS article above points to page 2.
Here is page one (or click the back arrow on the bottom of the CBS page)

Jim, so glad your surgery has turned out so well.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That a pretty bizarre level of incompetence. It makes me wonder about his much vaunted career in business. He's supposed to be worth $250 million. The Boston Globe did some stories about his time at Bain Capital and he made $130 million in one early deal, his first leveraged buyout, the Stage Stores deal, and the Junk Bond King Michael Milken helped him do that deal. The company went bankrupt two years after he sold out, and there was a lawsuit by shareholders saying he had done some things to inflate the stock price before he sold out. The lawsuit didn't really go anywhere, but that's the same thing Milken went to prison for.

But there's half his fortune right there. The rest of the 250 might just be from putting that money in the stock market. That would have been during the Clinton years when everyone was making money in the market.

And then he talked about turning around the Olympics. What I read was that that amounted to going up to Washington and getting congress to put up what was needed to cover the red ink. That's what turned the Olympics around, our money, not anything he did.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That looks like it's going to be pretty strong, from that X-ray.

Still, no jumping down from the hay wagon.