Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Like Elsie the Cow, I am so content this morning.  My knee feels better. Obama has four more years.  Big Oil and Coal look weakened.  Heinrich and Grisham go to DC to represent the state.  The minimum wage goes up in Albuquerque.  Colorado turned blue helping New Mexico in a sea of red.  And the Governor slaps her self in the face by taking out one of the most conservative Democratic Senators in the state.

Her expenditure of vast sums defeated Tim Jennings in Roswell.  He was her only avenue in maintaining a shaky coalition that could help her programs.(once she gets some).  And, she did not defeat Senator Michael Sanchez.  Sanchez will now make her life miserable which is to be expected.

All in all on the national scene things remain the same.  Obama is President.  The Senate is blue.  The House is red.  What happens now can only threaten the existence of the GOP if they are not careful.  Their craziness must now stop or they will be completely marginalized.  That would not be a good thing.  We need to have that party return to moderate stands so we can have some solutions to our pressing issues.

Last night my sister Carlota called from Turkey.  She is on tour and was staying in a farm house and the farmer ran in to say Obama was the winner.  He was happy.  Four years ago my sister called from Bhutan.  She was visiting a monastery when a monk came in with his thumbs up to say Obama had won.  He had an Obama button on his robe and was happy.  The world sighed with relief last night.  We did not return to the 50s.


Vicki said...

It is looking mighty fine this morning. Obama will now have to get down to business and start making things happen. The agenda is daunting but he is in a much better position than on Nov. 5th to make things happen.

Bubba Muntzer said...

These developments might mean the governor's dream of destroying the public school system won't be fulfilled.

I haven't heard anyone mention what an Obama victory means for the Supreme Court.

It also might bode well for the Palestinians. Back in the day Obama supported their cause, before he realized it would hurt his chances for gaining national office. Even the mild pressure he has put on Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land and building settlements on them has greatly displeased Israel and its supporters here.

But speculation usually arises whenever a Democrat is elected to a second term about whether he will now feel free to actually act like a Democrat.

All in all though I'm pretty content, too. Some of the more nefarious tea baggers lost, more than a few good women won, some of the blue dog Democrats are gone and some Liberal Democrats won, and Bernalillo County might be becoming Democratic stronghold.

And I'm glad to hear your knee feels better.

Say, did you take my advice and stop taking on new Samba students?

Anonymous said...

Congrats comrade Baca! It's funny that you mention that we won't return to the 50's. Yet obama (and you) would like nothing better than to return to the 50's, in the Soviet Union that is. Socialism doesn't work comrade! Never has, never will. The way I see it is that this gives obama a four year extension to blame Bush and a blank check book to send the debt up to 25 trillion. So congrats!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Looks like someone could use a couple of your pain pills.