Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Blow Out

The blow out was unstoppable for Mayor Berry.  The record low turnout assured it because Pete Dinelli just could not inspire anyone.  It came down to a nice guy vs. an angry guy and in today's politics nice seems more appealing.  No matter that the State and City's economy is in the sink with do nothing leadership, this is just the way politics works right now on the local level.  The positive outcome is a possible democratic majority on the city council after a probable run off election between Diane Gibson and Janice Arnold Jones.  That should be winnable for the democrats.  But congratulations to Mayor Berry and the winners.  Now do something real to produce jobs other than poor paying call centers.

On the national level of politics I am once again waiting for the federal workforce members who are sitting at home, due to one hundred Tea Party ass clowns, to rise up and cause a ruckus.  They won't get their wages on Monday.  That will trickle down.  Many people don't know it but there are a couple of thousand federal workers out at the Journal Center who are not frequenting the businesses and eateries around that area.  Those folks are already feeling a loss of revenue and sending home their own employees.  Will they feel the necessity to go down and pay Tea Party member Congressman Steve Pearce a visit?  He is getting a pay check and benefits and healthcare.  Does anyone have a manual on tar and feathering?


Anonymous said...


Couldn't see anything to disagree with in your post on the mayoral election. But one sentence fairly leaped off the page, clearly marking you as a dinosaur from another time, albeit a fair-minded dinosaur adrift in the modern era.

You wrote: "But congratulations to Mayor Berry and the winners."


These days, Jim, we don't congratulate the winners. We impeach them as quickly as possible.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Hopefully with the realignment of the city council we won't see backhoes and bulldozers down in the Bosque anytime soon and you get run over down there by someone rushing to get to the new outlet mall.

Anonymous said...

We need more than federal workers to rise up! We need mass demonstrations against a defunct congress, racism, Citizens United, war, NSA citizen spying, defense spending, and the list goes on!

Realist said...

I don’t understand the resistance to the idea of say an outdoor cafe / wine / beer garden that wasn't open late in the Bosque by Tingly beach (the area is already full of people and it could be linked up to the Biopark), I think it'd be a great. Also, every time I walk by Candaleria farms, I think about how nice it would be if you were allowed to walk or bike on the dirt road that goes through Candaleria farms to the Bosque (the farmer drives his tractors on that road, so I think the birds will be ok – plus the birds seem happy in Los Poblanos which people are allowed to use and enjoy).

Anonymous said...

Albuquerque has always been one more big project away from becoming a "real" city.
Let's face facts. NM is an arid landlocked state with few resources. The Feds and the labs keep the place running. Farming and ranching are possible on a modern corporate scale only with large gov't subsidies, and long term damage to land not made for cows, but for deer and wolves. The beauty and culture of NM has made it a tourist destination, which is great, but with no manufacturing base to speak of, young people and even retirees are leaving.
Global climate change will also have a harsh affect on the state, which may require strict water conservation measures, etc.
AND the city and state continue to be run by govenment subsidized elites, who don't want the gov't to help anyone who isn't them.
The future looks interesting in New Mexico.