Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Misc.

I almost choked on my latte this morning.  When I read the story on the republican legislator who thinks that yoga stretches might indoctrinate school kids into an eastern religion it felt as if the legislature has now been dumbed down lower than ever.   We all have guessed at my religious beliefs.  Which are none....but I do Yoga stretches every week.  It was the only thing that solved my severe back problems 30 years ago.   I once again think that some sort of intelligence test should be given to political candidates.  Only people with IQs of slightly above idiocy should be allowed to run.  That would have prevented this guy from polluting the Capitol building.

Winthrop Quigley of the Albuquerque Journal had a good piece on Obama's Affordable Care Act in  this morning.  He often throws such a hand grenade into the editorial board's office to make them look like the rightwing nut cases they are.  It is a good read.

There is also a wonderful piece on Hispanic names on the oped page by Joe Lovato.  It was really fun to read.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I appreciate that you allow readers to comment on your blogs, unlike Joe Monahan. He is interesting to read, but he picks and chooses what emails/responses to include. I guess he's afraid to be challenged. Anyway, keep up he good work!

Mike Cadigan said...

The Zia symbol on NM's flag is a religious symbol of the Zia Pueblo. Perhaps Rep. Baldanado should just leave the state in protest.