Friday, October 25, 2013


We worry about the NSA snooping into our everyday lives.  Ordinary citizens have no defense against the NSA or Microsoft or Google.  The second you have a silicone chip around you then your life is open to everyone who can hack.

So, why isn't that true for all of these rightwing sponsored political committees that throw money into the fight for anything that might screw working people and the middle class?

Right now there is a shadow group attacking New Mexico teachers.  They are being funded by ......well, we don't know.  A former staffer of Governor Susana Martinez runs the group but is refusing to say where the money comes from.  Money sources are off limits I surmise.  But somewhere there has to be a hacker who can strike a blow for us regular folks.  I am hoping they get to work.  And that goes for all of these secretive committees.....left or right.

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