Thursday, October 31, 2013

Misc. Thursday

The Governor will soon appoint a new member to the legislature to replace a deceased member of
the House of Representatives.  It is a multi county area and every county commission will submit a name.  She probably won't replace that democratic member with a democrat.  I just hope she doesn't replace the office with someone who is a christian fundamentalist such as Vicki Perea.  When she worked at city hall as a department head in Albuquerque there were complaints about  her bible study classes in city offices and the feeling by some employees that if they didn't attend they would get bad evaluations.  As long as she doesn't bring her religious beliefs and fire and brimstone into policy making she could do the job.  We don't need anymore members that think that Yoga is a gateway to eastern religions and damnation.

True story.  I got stung by a bee while out playing golf on Monday.  On Tuesday I got up out of bed with little or no arthritis pain.  I couldn't figure out why I felt so good until I thought about the bee sting.  So I googled bee stings and arthritis and found out there is actually a therapy to relieve arthritis aches and pains with bee venom.  Who knew?

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Mani said...

I think the bee would not be so enthused about the therapy!