Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Good for the Goose

The Albuquerque Journal's right wingnut editorial this morning suggests that the Affordable Care Act should be delayed because of the startup problems with the system software.  (Which once again was done by the so called perfection of free market members in the software business.)  Apparently this is a policy that the Journal thinks only applies to government.

Just look at the Journal's history of trying to get color photos to register correctly in their newspaper.  Or trying, after a decade, to get a website that works and is attractive.  Their startup problems lasted for years and still exist on a regular basis.  If they want to be consistent in their views then they should have shut down the newspaper until they got everything perfect.  But no, they continued to sell a newspaper and web service that to this day is inferior, but better than it was.

Every major system that business or government starts up is saddled with problems.  It is a fact.

I have to chuckle that the publishers of the paper, the Langs, are probably losing money right now due to the loss of business rentals out at Journal center because of the government shut down.  The have tried for years to get their retail shopping center there leased up by offering great deals to tenants who are all hurting right now because 2000 federal government workers in the Center complex are not coming to work.  And the real victims are the small business folks in that retail center.


Dan said...


Why hasn't the Tea Party brought forth the Bowles Simpson budget plan? This would do everything they want, pain for all, but we would be better off.

I know the answer. They don't really want to fix the budget. And they damn sure don't want to feel any pain if they do.

Bowles Simpson is what Congress should be voting on. What do you think


Jim Baca said...

They just want to make sure a black man can't be president again. that is what this is all about.

Donald F Schiff said...


Anonymous said...

There is no real budget problem. The deficit is going down. Bowles and Simpson are right wing flacks who want to give our earned benefits to their friends on Wall St. to gamble with. Simpson thinks veterans are costing too much, along with students and the elderly. It's not the bloated war industry, or the greedy banksters, it's "we the people" that are the problem. We just need to fight the wars, do the labor, and die young. that would solve all the problems for the elites like Mr Bowles and Mr. Simpson.