Sunday, October 20, 2013

Policy Craps

Want to attend a meeting of the New Mexico Legislature's Court, Corrections and Justice Committee this Monday and Tuesday?  It will just require a little navigation through hundreds of slot machines, Black Jack tables, roulette wheels, craps tables and other games of chance.  Why?  Because this meeting is being held at Sky City Casino!

I am sure the Legislative Council Service looks for a good deal when they put their committees on the road.  Those committee members in an ever increasing number of interim committees like to see our beautiful state after all.  I am pretty sure a few committee members make their livings by attending all of these hearings either as a member or an adjunct participant of some kind.

The big flaw is that many people who might want to attend such a meeting will have to go to a Casino far away from home only to find themselves stopping to drop a few bucks on a game of chance.  Yes, it is their choice but the temptation to waste money is being provided by the legislature.

And then again there is the loss of revenue to private hotels who are desperately trying to make ends meet with the renting of meeting space.  They are taxpaying businesses that are getting hosed by non tax paying businesses like the casinos.

I absolutely refuse to go to any political fundraisers or functions held at a casino.  I think if people want to gamble, (being the suckers they are) then we shouldn't make it more convenient for them by having a branch of government helping out.  The committee chairs and Legislative Council need to make a big policy change here.

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Donald F Schiff said...

I have done some pro bono work at Sandia's resort, but not in the Casino. Similarly, I have attended Democratic Party State Central Committee meetings at Casino Conference rooms. I deplore the practice, but I have little choice.

I am allergic to casinos' bright flashing lights, and I deplore the addictive gambling behavior they encourage and profit from. I don't go to concerts held at casinos, and I certainly won't eat at their buffets!