Saturday, October 26, 2013

Something New and Ominous

In all my experience at a journalist and then politician I have never seen anything like what is emanating from the office of Governor Susana Martinez.  Her political operatives are raising money to attack a public servant who doesn't agree with her education policies.  The funding of this effort is remaining a secret.  And the Governor's spokes person tells the Albuquerque Journal that she hasn't seen the attack piece on the Albuquerque Public School superintendent.  Think about his response.  He totally ignores the question of whether the Governor is condoning this effort and tries to make it seem she doesn't by saying she hasn't seen the hit piece put out by her minions.  What has that got to do with her knowledge of this effort?  Maybe she hasn't seen the hit piece, but so what?  It is like paying someone to commit a crime and then saying they are not guilty because they didn't actually see the deed carried out.

She has lost all legitimacy as a leader in my view.

While there is room for debate of the public education issues there is no room for character assassination of her opponents on policy issues.

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Anonymous said...

She said more than she hadn't seen the piece. She said anything promoting a dialogue is a good thing. These people are bullies of the worst order. And like all bullies, they are truly terrified of one on one confrontation. But doesn't expect anything from the class wimps known as the democrats. They just lay down or hide.