Sunday, October 13, 2013

Names and Pictures

This New York Times Story on Sunday morning made me feel murderous.  The big pharma boys are getting away with murder in this country by overcharging  for life saving drugs.  They should be singled out for their greed.

Strangely, the Times did not even talk to any of these corporate terrorists.  Yes, that is what I call them for striking terror into their own country men's hearts by making them decide between feeding a child or giving them life saving medicine.  Don't we need to know who these people are?  Could the wiki people start a new websites to show the names and pictures of these despicable 'businessmen' who purposely make life difficult for so many?

One example of the price gouging on asthma drugs was referring Rhinocort Aqua, a drug that was selling for more than $250 a month last year but costs only $7 in Europe where it can be purchased over the counter. 

I searched for manufacturers information on this drug, but I couldn't find it on Google.  Maybe those corporate scum are worried they would be identified and are hiding.   They better be or risk becoming walking spitoons.


Realist said...

Yep, anytime you want to get angry, just look at healthcare in America. Want to fix the federal budget without cutting any programs? Easy, just throw a dart at a list of the top 25 industrialized nations besides America and adopt the health care system of that country exactly. It may not be perfect, but adopting any one of their systems would save us two trillion every year (that’s the equivalent of cutting the entire US military budget three times) with no loss in quality of care.

The magnitude of how much we’ve failed America and its future generations with massive debt because of our inability to copy ANY other health care system in the world is simply staggering to me. Even if we can’t socialize medicine (setting aside that we should, but for some reason don’t), there are so many other easy fixes that would save countless billions every year it simply boggles the mind that none of them ever occur. For example, let the government negotiate for drug prices like any other country in the world, let nurses become doctors if they pass a test, tie doctor pay to outcomes not number of procedures performed, don’t allow doctors to own testing or other similar centers or equipment (a conflict of interest that would never be allowed in a financial setting), have a comprehensive system so more cost effect preventative care occurs, subsidize vegetables instead of sugar and corn syrup… you can go on and on. The fact that none of these things ever occur just demonstrates how much politicians are in the pocket of special interests. Healthcare makes the shenanigans that can occur on wall street (which gets everyone up in arms – and fair enough) look like a 5 year old stealing a candy bar. The damage we’ve done to our country and to millions of Americans is just too depressing.

It’s an issue that gets me all riled up. I’m going to walk to the park while trying to remember who’s who in Don Quixote.

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

Big-Pharma has been doing this for years with the approval of the FDA and that includes drugs for survival (cancer, HIV) and recreational (viagra). Forbes Magazine claims that the pharma companies are in trouble financially and are laying workers off. The link is here:

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

PS -
Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray
Company: AstraZeneca
Approval Status: Approved October 1999
Treatment Area: Management of nasal symptoms of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis in adults and children six years of age or older.