Friday, October 18, 2013

Dogma Again

Why should a whole graduation ceremony be moved to satisfy one parent's religious dogma in Cuba, NM?  Beats me.  But I suppose if all the other classmates of the student involved agree and there is no added expense then it would be okay.  That young student is popular and reportedly smart and she will most likely figure out this kind of dogma later in life for what it is.  Meanwhile the separation of church and state is ignored.

Then there is the dogma of the County Commission in and around Clovis, NM.  They think they should pass a law that bans these admittedly bizarre electronic cigarettes which deliver nicotine to the users with out the harmful carcinogens of tobacco.  This dogma is stupid on so many levels I couldn't count them all.  But, do they really want to make this an illegal device that might stop cancer in young tobacco users?  Do they want to be responsible for setting up organized crime syndicates who will then smuggle in the contraband?  We have all seen how well that works with drugs and marijuana.  You really wonder what can be going through the minds of these rubes.

And is the dogma of Governor Martinez to be out doing political fundraisers in other states while more decent jobs are lost in this state?  Cardinal health will let go a few hundred people from good paying jobs.  They can't be replaced by call center jobs that the Governor and Mayor like to brag about.  The dogma seems to be to raise money for the republican Governor in other states where the job situation is much better than in New Mexico.  If something isn't done soon the Governor will be remembered as the Pol who oversaw the disintegration of our economy.  

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