Friday, October 11, 2013

Money Game

Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman sent out a missive today that Republicans are raising money to elect their candidate in the Albuquerque City Council District 7 runoff.

I might disagree with the notion that the republicans or democrats are raising much money for anything in this state.  It used to be that they could do so, but now the proliferation of special interest committees, right wing PACs, dirty chamber of commerce type money, and camoflauged resources from religious groups, has really put a dent into the ability to fundraise for the party.  Most elected officials have their own special committees in addition to their own campaign war chest.  Especially in the legislature.  They literally soak  up all the money and the traditional parties get scraps.

I think this is one reason that a lack of bipartisanship rules politics now.  There are just too many splinter groups that raise money for special committees on specific issues.  That affects any sort of philosophical base from existing.  Look at the now splintered and schizophrenic GOP as proof.  The moderates and Tea Party nuts probably wouldn't agree on the time of day.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That would explain a lot of things.

Why the House Republicans acted like they were never going to flinch, no matter what anybody said or how low their poll numbers went, until the people who fund them called them off.

But also why for example these NM Democrats I'm always complaining about seem to have forgotten the working class and the issues that affect them as a class and spend so much of their time on green issues (Heinrich) or on legislation to cut down on football injuries (Udall) or seem to be unaware that there are men in their district (Grisham).

Anonymous said...

Jim, as a faithful reader I appreciate your willingness to allow comments on your postings.

On the other hand, Joe Monahan only posts very limited email responses and carefully selected ones to his. I guess he's afraid of open, challenging counterpoints.