Wednesday, December 04, 2013

American's Shame

We are at sea all day as we head for Half Moon Cay.  It is a paradise crescent isle owned by the cruise line.  Bobbi and I will swim with stingrays and go snorkeling.

When not on shore you meet a lot of people on the ship from all over the world.  Political discussions abound with most every non American showing great respect for President Obama and great concern for America's inability to control guns.  Yes, they judge us by the gun issue quite a bit.  They just can't understand why someone can go buy an assault rifle or even automatic pistols.  They can't believe that the manufacturers and their NRA mascots can stop sensible gun regulation.  I can't either.

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Vicki said...

Yes, there is a lot of respect for President Obama from many non-Americans. I did find some stupid Canadians on our last cruise who live in the states 6 months a year and apparently watch Fox News as their main source of news who believe all the lies and repeat them unabashedly. Canadians... who have national healthcare while we Americans are just beginning to deal with the concept that healthcare is a human right...people who want to be brainwashed don't care where they get the washing done.