Thursday, December 12, 2013


Bubba has a real gem of a post here.  I was just thinking about this over the last couple of days and wondered when our democratic reps and Senators would stop doing whatever the spin masters of the party are ordering for the day and come into the state and talk about how we can no longer compete to be the lowest ranking in everything.  Why should we be down there with the deep south when we have so much more going for us?

Politics today is all about staying on message.  Every time a pol has a news conference it seems they need a peanut gallery standing behind them to show they empathize.  Everything is rote.  Is there a style book for how to do all these things for any democratic office holder?  I am beginning to think so.  It is getting boring and I would like to see spontaneity in some of their actions.  Michelle Grisham Lujan sorting canned goods at the food bank in high heels just doesn't do it for me though.

P.S.  Here is a nice post from Rodger Beimer on the sale of Taos Ski Valley and his memory of its early days.

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Anonymous said...

The congresswoman is quite short and depends on her heels to reach things, such as the belt in the photo. So let's leave the way she's dressed out of it!

I'm cynical about photo ops too and yet I think this particular photo reminds us all about the food bank at a time when we're wrapping up our seasonal giving. Good on her to lend her celebrity to the cause.

Thank you and Bubba for noticing that there hasn't been much rabble rousing about our economic conditions here. It has prompted me to write a list of the issues that are most important to me. I will send a letter to my congresswoman and senators today. Right after I write that extra check to the food bank.