Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visionary Accomplishments

I decided I needed to be fair to Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry and list their visionary accomplishments during their time in office.  I will also list what I consider to be Bill Richardson's.

Bill Richardson

  1. Rail Runner
  2. Space Port
  3. Film Industry
Governor Martinez
Mayor Berry
Actually, this is very sad.  Even in the midst of this economic disaster in New Mexico one would think that our GOP leaders could find some inspiration somewhere to grab an opportunity to show some vision.  And don't forget that the Governor and Mayor are doing zilch on the economic development crunch.  

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Bubba Muntzer said...

It is sad. Still, I had to laugh at the way you presented it.

The Journal received a lot of letters from people who took issue with their most recent trashing of the Rail Runner. They devoted almost a page to them today. They point out benefits of the Rail Runner that never in a million years would occur to the editorial staff, or Gov. Martinez or Jay McKleskey or Mayor Barry. The way the letters are presented, the Journal just seems perplexed. They just assume everyone gets as excited as they do when someone conducts a test of a privately financed space ship to see if the headlights work.