Friday, December 13, 2013


Bobbi and I go to a movie every week or two.  Usually, on a weekday around 5pm after she gets away from work.  We get senior citizens rates along with matinee prices.  Saves a bundle.

We went and watched Philomena last night.  It might be the best movie we have seen this year.  I highly recommend it for anyone who ever had to deal with nuns.  It is an all around good story.

We have decided we are really tired of special effect movies and violent movies.  Special effects are okay only if the stories are good and the effects aren't the leading roles.  We are tired of movies and TV shows that promote dysfunctional groups of people who are disgusting in every way.  Like those inbred alligator hunters on cable TV.  Yuck.  We watched one of those episodes one time and decided programming that promoted stupidity were off our lists.  Bobbi likes some reality shows, especially about dancing and clothes design.  She records them and speeds through the forced drama and commercials.

We just want intelligent movies and lot of them.  Thank goodness for the foreign movie selections on Netflix.  An occasional Hunger Games Movie is okay.  Our next movie to see is either the "Book Thief" or "American Hustle."  

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