Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Same Ole

It is truly hard to fathom that Governor Susana Martinez is now asking for private dollars to influence the legislature into denying drivers licenses for immigrants.  If anything, this shows that Jay McCleskey is in full control of the 4th floor.  His xenophobia has seeped into Martinez's every pore and she looks silly.  And the private dollar appeal to influence the legislature is bizarre coming from her.  She is always complaining that the democrats are selling influence, and here she is encouraging it!

The Department of Interior, according to Rueters news service, is abandoning its plan to revamp the onshore oil and gas royalty rates charged for development of public lands.  Those rates are a hundred years old.  The Obama administration says they just don't have enough data to figure out what to do.  What B.S.!  Just go and see what rates the private landowners and state land offices are receiving for royalties.  It would take ten minutes.  Once again the dirty oil guys roll the President.  Unless, this is a tradeoff of some sort for denying the Keystone pipeline.   Hmmmm?


Anonymous said...

Once again Obama's fallible decision making in favor of oil and gas shows through. I support him, but I don't agree with a lot of his policies, particularly those he rolled over on from Dubywa.

Anonymous said...

Susana doesn't stand a chance in the land of enchantment. Her only chance is national office. New Mexicans have had enough of ambitious politicians using our state as a stepping stone. You would think that Big Bill's experience would be an example of what happens when New Mexico voters have seen thru a politician's true motives. History does repeat itself.