Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The News

It was so exciting last night at 10PM to be watching the lead story on Channel 13.  With a straight face Dick Knipfing sat there and introduced a two minute story on the fact that someone killed some chickens in the South Valley.   Yes, a two minute story which is pretty long these days, was done on the premise that this is good for ratings I guess.  Feathers everywhere and the local media just continues to slide into complete oblivion.

Now, a story that Knipfing, who is close to Archbishop Sheehan, might find time for is that when the cleric turns 75 next year he will be forced into retirement.  Then we will get a new Archbishop and the events leading up to that will be very interesting.  As our new Pope of the People takes charge you can expect a whole new genre of clergy being elevated in the hierarchy.  Already, the Pope is liberalizing the committees who pick the new Bishops and Archbishops.  We could well get a new one that is totally living in the modern era.  That would be refreshing.  

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