Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Journal Laments

There was another lame editorial in the Albuquerque Journal today blasting the feds for allowing a certain amount of eagle deaths from being struck  by electrical generating wind mills.  The logic was there are no breaks for the fossil fuel boys so why should wind energy get any.  Well, for  you science challenged members of the editorial board, one reason is that wind energy will not destroy our planet as fossil fuels could do.  I can't imagine what your science reporter John Fleck must think when he sees this kinds of drivel in his employer's paper.

Speaking of that employer, who is it?  Tom Lang's name is still on the Journal Masthead, but he hasn't been seen around the newspaper in  years.  His brother Bill is supposedly now running things at the Journal along with his other businesses, but I find that hard to believe with the editorial page being so sophomoric.  So it seems to me that the Editor, Kent Walz, is the guy running the show.  It appears to me he is a puppet for all causes that are right wing.  And he appears to be a mascot for the oil and coal boys.

I read an article the other day that says New Mexico's populace is pretty progressive.  From a business standpoint you would think that would make a newspaper publisher's marketing scheme reflect a more balanced publication.  One can only assume that letters of complaint about the paper's bent never make it to the owner's desk.  Is the editor not forwarding them?  Of course people always will complain about any story a newspaper does.  I understand that.  But this leakage of an editor's far right wing view into the reporting and editing of daily stories is over the top.  Count also the stories that he is stifling, like the miserable performance of the Martinez and Berry administration on growing a prosperous economy for our city and state.

So if letters are written about the Journal's grievous shortcomings, address them to Bill Lang.  Not the editor.


Anonymous said...

The Associated Press brings TWO lawsuits against the Gov and her administration for violating the public records act and the only newspaper who writes an editorial is the Las Cruces Sun. It is shameful that the Journal and the New Mexican didn't write an editorial supporting the Associated Press.

Anonymous said...

What the Albuquerque Journal does is practice censorship not journalism.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Lang brothers don't want to hang on to a dead newspaper and want to sell it. Doubtful that Bezos would want to buy it even if he bought the Washington Post. Mr Waltz may be out of a job soon.