Saturday, December 14, 2013

Land Protection in NM

We finally have a U.S. Senator who understands unreservedly the importance of protecting New Mexico's landscapes.  Martin Heinrich is that Senator.  When I first met Heinrich back in 1997 he was working on natural resource issues.  He was running a program in New Mexico that took kids from all over the U.S. into the wild country and taught them camping and hiking skills.  After his election to the Congress and Senate his love of the spectacular vistas in the Land of Enchantment has not fallen prey to fossil fuel Pacs that sway so many pols.

Certainly Senators Bingaman and Udall have helped, but not with the passion of Senator Heinrich who has personally worked on these land and water issues long before entering the political arena.

Now Heinrich and Udall have introduced a bill to protect a half million acres around the iconic Organ Mountains in Southern NM.  This follows on the heels of the designation to the Rio Grande del Norte Monument in Northern NM.  This new legislation is the result of much citizen activist input, but that would not have been enough without Heinrich's passion for protecting or greatest assets.  It really shows that electing the right people does make a difference.  He is more than a Senator.  He is a visionary leader on environmental issues.

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Donald F Schiff said...

I love Martin Heinrich! He shares my values and he tells me his truth. I'm proud to be represented by him.