Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Petition

Senator Tom Udall is out with a plea to sign his petition to get congress to take away unlimited corporate money in political races.  Udall, who was one of the few Senators willing to stick his head out on weakening the filibuster that the GOP has used to make government come to a stand still, is of course right on this issue.  But the petitions that abound to congress are absolutely useless in getting things done.  Unless you want to collect a lot of email addresses and supporters.

The only thing that will settle the corporate money in politics is to get a non corporate controlled Supreme Court.  And Udall did more for that in his courageous attacks on the filibuster which have now freed up appointments to judicial posts from the Obama administration.

I get a dozen requests a week to sign a petition that no Senator or Congressman really takes seriously.  If  you want to make an impression, show up at their office demanding to see them or bring a mob to their next town hall.  And keep at it.  Hand written letters are good too.  Not form letters.

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