Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bad Cold and Good Karma

My cold took hold last night bigtime, but I gotta say I don't feel too bad. I have been taking that Airborne stuff and Emergen-C and I think it is working well. I sound like a ripsaw however.

Rodger Beimer has agreed to be my Campaign Treasurer. He will make sure the money is disbursed correctly and honestly. I am hopeful he will have a lot of money to watch over. Have you sent any in yet? Just address it to Jim Baca for Land Commissioner, 2309 Via Madrid NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104!

Senator Domenici said today that he will try to sneak the issue of drilling in the Arctic Refuge into another non germane bill and pass it when congress reconvenes. He and Alaska Senator Ted Stevens suffered a huge defeat last night when they tried to pass it within a defense bill. They failed to stop the filibuster that would have prevented it and so for a short time the pristine refuge is safe again.

As David Brower said about environmental protection,

"All of our victories are temporary, but our defeats are permanent."

That is true because of guys like these Senators who never give up and wield their power unmercifully against the earth.

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