Friday, December 30, 2005

Things that should happen in the New Year

There was an interesting story in the Albuquerque Journal this morning about all the fitness centers gearing up for increased business as the New Year approaches. We all have resolutions that we make, however secretly, every year. This year though, I just want to see a few things happen.

1. Bobbi finds a job back in New Mexico
2. I get elected Land Commissioner so we can save some last great places in New Mexico
3. bush gets a reverse lobotomy. (How else to explain his cluelessness?) and the house or senate goes democratic.
4. We get serious about climate change
5. Other nations start respecting this country again. (See item #3)
6. Bill Richardson keeps up his hard charging for New Mexico
7. New Mexico gets some snow and rain
8. Intelligent design is only taught in catechism class and church schools
9. bushs tax cuts for the rich are discontinued
10. We all retain our health and if we don't we have access to decent affordable health care.

This is a list that just fell out in no particular order except for getting Bobbi back to the state. Our family has been very fortunate over the last year and I am happy about that.

All in all 2005 was not so great for many in the world given natural disasters and the continuance of a disastrous war brought on by lies and immoral leadership in this country. I see signs and hear things that maybe even some die hard bushies are beginning to think things truly aren't working. So, I guess I am optimistic about 2006. Especially after reading this NPR Poll out today.

Also, here is a Washington Post article on chances for Presidential Candidates. The comments on our Governor are pretty good.

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