Friday, September 01, 2006

First Car Weirdness

A few weeks ago I blogged about our daughter Noelle getting her first new car. Now our son Justin's girl has her first car. Karly and my son have been an 'item' for about four or five years. They met when Justin was doing undergraduate study at Cornell University and Karly was attending Ithaca College.

Now Karly is in her second year of a Social Work Master's Program at Syracuse University in Syracuse and Justin has started his MBA studies back at Cornell in Ithaca. So, one car was not enough since they are 60 miles apart.

This picture of Karly sitting in her first car reminds me of my joy at sitting in my first car which was a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle which I shared with my sister Carlota and brother Tom. Since my sister had several hunderd boyfriends after her in high school she never went with out a ride when she wanted one, so my brother and I just alternated days on who had 'command' of the VW. It worked pretty well. I remember gas in 1962 at the Hedges service station was 14.9 cents a gallon during gas price wars. We could fill up the VW for a buck fifty!

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