Sunday, September 03, 2006


We all went to see Bill Maher last night at the Kiva auditorium. Maher kept 2000 people in hysterics for an hour and forty five minutes as he roasted American Sacred Cows. Mainly, he hit the bush administration and the fundamentalist right.

Rodger and Connie Beimer joined us and we sat right in front of the Governor's communication staff. We saw just about everyone we know there including Patsy Madrid and her husband Mike Messina. Patsy looked exhausted, but I know why. She was thinking about Brian Sanderoff's Poll that would appear in this morning's Albuquerque Journal. I asked her if she had heard anything and she said she didn't have a clue. Well, when she woke up this morning I bet she felt invigorated. She is in great shape against incumbent Heather Wilson's with a just a 3% difference. That bodes badly for Wilson. I think Patsy will help take the U.S. House of Representatives into the Democratic column.

The Associated Press picked up on the Pat Lyons and Land Office fiasco this morning in newspapers around the state. Read it here. Incredibly, Lyons said he never met with the hucksters the Land Office hooked up with to build what Lyons touted as the "biggest solar plant in the world." Can you imagine anyone committing to a $1.5 Billion deal and not meeting with the principals of that company?

The really damaging thing here is that no reputable solar developer will look with any respect upon the State Land Office as a viable partner.

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Anonymous said...

I do hope Madrid loses. Wilson, too. At this point, if there's anyone on the ballot besides those two, I'll vote for them. Enough with the negative campaigning from each of them!