Saturday, September 16, 2006


First, read this great column by V.B. Price of the Albuquerque Tribune.

We got back from Silver City at 1:00AM last night. We had a very successful fundraiser in Pinos Altos and saw some incredible folks. This couple came in the door from the Fort Bayard Days celebration. At first I thought they were there to protest the 1872 Mining Law!
I can tell you that the people in Grant County are not happy with the bush administration on a lot of levels. From Iraq to the Environment they are angry and motivated to see a change made. They are pretty much attuned to the fact that my opponent is an oil and gas funded candidate and they are not happy about it. My opponent has started his TV and Radio Ads. Just remember every time you see or hear one that it has been paid for by the oil and gas industry, led by Yates Petroleum who wants to drill on Otero Mesa.

My little pickup made it over Emory Pass in the Black Range twice yesterday. We drove 570 miles and made numerous campaign stops.

As I have blogged before, Silver City would be an incredible place to live. I have always thought the area would be a great place to retire. Silver City's main street is just beautiful and the old buildings look great. Governor Richardson's Mainstreet Program, headed by Rich Williams, is one reason it has really become so viable. Of course the good people of Silver City and the local city government deserve a lot of credit too.

Finally, thanks to consultant Phil Muller for sharing the burden on this 19 hour campaign day. The rest of the day will be spent campaiging in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

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Michelle Meaders said...

Yes, it's wierd - instead of a .gov address for the Land Office, you keep being directed to his .org page. What happened to the official department one?