Friday, September 01, 2006

Pucker Factor

The pucker factor is in effect for the next five or six days for all statewide and congressional candidates in New Mexico. The pucker factor is something that has been described to me by combat fighter pilots. It occurs when their warning systems start beeping because they are being painted by enemy fire control radar.

The pucker factor for politicians in New Mexico is caused by the Albuquerque Journal Poll. The word is out that they will start publishing results of their first poll by Brian Sanderoff's Research and Polling Inc. I have had several people tell me they were called in the poll so you can be pretty well assured that the results will start being handed out on Sunday. The reason the pucker factor is in effect here is that Sanderoff's polls are really very accurate.

I pucker at the thought. Look here for more definitions of the Pucker Factor.

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