Friday, April 18, 2008


There is a picture of a hungry Haitian girl hunting for food in a landfill on the front page of the New York Times today. She and many others like her are victims of rising food prices around the Globe. It is caused by drought, speculators, ethanol production for fueling our cars, and poor distribution.

That is why I am getting angrier by the moment over the rancher slaughtering those antelope who were in his winter wheat field. He left them wounded and dead to rot in the sun. Food uneaten at the very least and cruelty beyond words. See the video on the Albuquerque Journal website, but even I turned it off after a minute. I am not squeamish at all. I just hate waste and cruelty.

The law that allowed this should be repealed within days of the next session of the legislature. In addition, I am sure there are other laws that should be invoked. Start with wanton waste and animal cruelty for letting these creatures suffer. New Mexico's livestock and agricultural communities have stayed silent so far as I know on this issue. They should find a way to make sure that other methods are found to keep New Mexico's publicly owned wildlife from this kind of waste.

Get real mad.


Natalie said...

This is absolutely horrible. To watch the one antelope trying to get away on a dead leg... the doe left suffering... the dead left rotting in the field.
This man should be held guilty of cruelty to animals and so much more.
I am mad.
So, what should I do about it?

donna rowe-baca said...

why wouldn't this fall under the felony animal cruelty laws the state has enacted?