Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bingaman for Obama

I was really happy that Senator Jeff Bingaman endorsed Barack Obama's run for the Presidency on Monday. I wonder what Hilary thinks about respected Senators doing that to her. I wonder if she does the math. Think about the money she needed to get a net gain of 10 delegate votes in Pennsylvania. Think of the nasty advertising and negative attacks she resorted to that have had little effect. Think about Binagman's Super Delegate vote now going to Obama and that fact that it cost nothing to the Obama camp. This all gets more and more interesting and I just hope everyone kisses and makes up before the convention. That is two New Mexico Super Delegate votes now that have jumped Obama's way if you include the Governors. Let's see if James Carville will attack Bingaman.

Let me give you one reason that I think Obama is the better person here. He is not pandering to folks by saying we should suspend the gas tax. Only a desperate pol would do that, think Clinton and McCain, in order to get votes. No matter that it would devastate our already crumbling highway infrastructure and 18 cents a gallon is going to make absolutely no difference to even even the poorest people. But, being the kind of pols that Clinton and McCain are they are really counting on peoples ignorance. Obama is trying to lead and he is showing he isn't afraid to make good decisions.

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Paul said...

Richardson, Bingaman, Curry all endorsing Obama. We wait for Udall. The strong environmental package will be complete.