Thursday, April 17, 2008

The West

Last nights TV debate put on by ABC was revolting. Okay, I didn't watch it. I was working Crossword puzzles instead. This morning I read the stories from the mainstream media and the blogs and made my decision that we need to ignore the main stream media in DC.

About the time flag pin politics and religion were taking all the time up in the debate about 50 more Iraqi citizens died in another bombing. Stephanopolous and Gibson, the debate moderators, marched on with their inane questions that ignored every important issue facing this country.

While these showbiz/National Enquirer type talking heads wasted valuable time on stupid questions the nation's Democrats learned little of their candidates beliefs. They could have asked about one of the most important part of the electorate, the Western States. There are real issues out here.

The American West is vital for Democrats. The number of voters self-identified as Independents has grown to nearly 40 percent in much of the West. In the past three election cycles, Democrats have gained five governorships, two U.S. Senate, and seven House seats. In the 2008 general election, the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and Montana could play a decisive role similar to Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004. Democrats, however, have not won an inter-mountain western state in the last two presidential races, with the exception of New Mexico's vote for Gore!

Issues out here include energy, water, health care, and protection of our beloved environment. I am an Obama fan as you all know and here is what he must think about.

Seven out of ten of the nation’s fastest growing counties are in the West. People and businesses move to the region for its quality of life, environment, and other amenities. To win the West, Senator Obama will need to share a vision that respects traditional western culture and custom while implementing policies to conserve the lands and waters that define the region. Over the last several presidential elections, Republicans have taken the West for granted and Democrats have ignored it. If Senator Obama can articulate an integrated social and ecological agenda that recognizes the inextricable link among community well-being, and land and water protection, he can carry the West.

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