Monday, April 21, 2008

More Media Stuff

My friend Rodger Beimer has been sending me lots of comments on the state of the national T.V. news operations lately. We served as reporters together thirty years ago at Channel 7.
Rodger and I sit around coffee about once a week and bitch about how bad it has gotten. How it couldn't get any worse. Well, we were wrong. After reading the story in the New York Times yesterday on the military analysts used by our national broadcast news networks I think we certainly have reached a new low. These retired opining Generals are all on the payrolls of Defense contractors who have a vested interest in war. How can they do honest and unbiased analysis if they worry about their access to the Pentagon for their companies? You must read this article. Every thing they say is tainted and you can not trust them to be honest about the military situation in Iraq.

I find it interesting that this new Internet based Center for Independent Media will be doing great work in New Mexico with some reporters inherited or hired away from the Albuquerque Journal. I also think it will be interesting to see if the Journal replaces the reporters. I know things are tough for most daily newspapers right now and the Journal is no exception. It was sad to see when Tania Soussan, their environment and energy reporter left last year that they didn't replace her. They need someone on that slot full time given the energy and climate change issues.

I have booked marked this new local news site and will check it our regularly.

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