Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reality in Politics Today?

I am posting this video blog with some trepidation.  I am just getting this sinking feeling about next November's election. 


AHD said...

Oh Mr. Baca, a true child of the 1960's correct? Well for a baby boomer you are producing a formidable video blog, kudos. Now to business...I'll personally make sure Senator McCain has enough votes to defeat obama here in New Mexico if it arrives at that in November. I don't think I'll have to do that considering obama's recent revealing of his true sentiment towards religion and the 2nd Amendment in America. His 'bitter' comment will roast him and give Clinton the nomination. It really doesn't matter, the silent majority is here to stay and we will defeat the increasingly socialist and less Democratic nominee you throw at America.


Karen Fayeth said...

Jim - nice work on the vlogs, by the way.

In regards to the topic...I think it's less of a problem on the right coast and left coast. It's Middle America we have to worry about. They are the same folks who gave Bush two tries at office.

Your concerns are very real. And, I fear, they carry over to if it is a woman as well, tho less about hispanic vote, more about just issues in general.

Either way, it's an interesting election year!