Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So It Goes

Hillary Clinton got her 10% last night. I thought she would get 8%. Now she is making a deal out of winning the 'big' states. She seems to forget that Obama is winning the 'big' cities. He handily won Philadelphia last night but lost in the so called blue collar communities. So, this campaign will go on with the endgame still inevitable.

I find it amusing that the first thing Hillary did last night was ask people to go to her website to give her money. This after she spent the last week complaining that Obama was spending a lot more money than her. She spent what she had in negative campaigning. Here is what the New York Times thought about her victory. Don't forget they endorsed her.

I get way wrapped up in this stuff. I wonder how many New Mexicans other than us politicos really cares what happened in Pennsylvania last night. My gut feeling is people want a change in direction in this country and will vote for the Democrat no matter the animosity be engendered by Clinton's negativity. Yes, even I would vote for her although I hope it doesn't come to that.

In the meantime do not forget about this as one of my readers reminded me.

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