Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Call in the Feds

State Land Commissioner Pat Lyons told Attorney General Gary King today to "stick it." Lyons says he will continue to pursue unlawful land deals with developers on State Lands. The AG had told him it was not kosher and Lyons did so "at his own risk." Now it is up to Gary King to decide what to do next. My suggestion is that he ask the U.S. Attorney to get involved and conduct an investigation in to Lyons Land Office dealings with the developers. Since the state land office was set up by the Congressional Enabling Act that made us a state, the U.S. Attorney has the power to look into this since it appears the Enabling Act and our resulting New Mexico Constitution are probably being violated. One thing is for sure, the developers involved in these sweetheart deals should be wary of proceeding until this is all cleared up. Also, the beneficiary institutions of the land office should be fearful of costly lawsuits that will cut into their income from the land office. Oh wait, that is already happening because of these sweetheart deals! My big question is, "Where is the New Mexico Legislature on this issue?" Oh, thats right, the son of an influential legislator is the lobbyist for the developers.

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