Thursday, April 10, 2008



This case of the off duty Albuquerque Police Officer who allegedly ran over a woman in the parking lot of a bar has all the makings of one of those 'professional courtesy' cases that law enforcement often finds themselves in. It seems to me that APD is dancing around the actions of that officer. Would you or I get the same treatment if we had backed over and killed this woman. Don't forget this was all caught on a video camera. Would a politician get this same kind of treatment? Not a chance in hell I think.

Mayor Chavez and his Chief need to get to the truth of this incident as quickly as possible.

The Dark Side of the Force

The Governor issued an Executive Order that clarifying the consolidation of all computer and software related issues and personnel into the Office of Information Technology. That agency is run by my good friend Roy Soto. I called him today and equated him with Darth Vader's comment that one should not underestimate 'the power of the dark side.' Roy's agency now controls the Information Technology Officers in every agency. "The Circle is Complete." He got a kick out of that. He doesn't look like Darth Vader.

Actually, this is a good move by the Governor in his efforts to get the state's IT costs and operations under control.

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