Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Maybe I just don't get out enough anymore. When I saw this card come in yesterday amidst the daily haul of 3lbs of catalogs I took notice and marveled at the ingenuity behind this idea.

Can you believe someone has a full time business cleaning up, er, uh, dog shit? They must be successful because it is a high class glossy mailer. Just like the ones that Heather Wilson sends out at government expense.

The card says that there will be a $20 off coupon for the first month if you sign up. I am almost afraid to call and find out how much this service costs if there is a discount that big. However, congrats to the minds that thought this up. I think that I will stick with my twice weekly cleanup with an $8 dollar pooper scooper and a kitchen size garbage bag.

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Natalie said...

Very clever! I have two dogs and a cat. The cat is the worst because I cannot stand having a litter box. However, I live too close to the Petroglyphs to allow him to go outside and, well, even if I did, and he did, the dogs would take care of that kitty doody clean-up, lickity-split! (UGH!)
So, I trudge on with my Hefties and my lil' hole-y-trowel and lug it out once a day.
I can only wish I could afford a service like this...
Very cute ad, though.