Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bankrupt GOP & Palin Insults

Palin: "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities."

She owes an apology to every community organizer including:
Every church in America
Every AmeriCorps volunteer
Every PeaceCorps volunteer
Susan B. Anthony
Elisabeth Cady Stanton
Martin Luther King Jr.
the list goes on.

You have to know that the Republican party is bankrupt when Rudy Giuliani has to criticise Barack Obama for having a good education. He made sarcastic remarks about an "Ivy League" education that Obama received. My son Justin got one of those educations from Cornell University and then went on to a Masters Program in Public Administration from Syracuse University. He is now working to ensure a renewable energy future for America. So, does this good education mark him as 'suspect' with the Republican party? Will he be hounded out of the country because he was fortunate to receive such good schooling? Will the same happen to my daughter Noelle for receiving a great education at Rice University? Oh, I forgot, the GOP already doesn't want her to control her own choices.

I remember when Mayor Debbie Jaramillo railed against people moving into Santa Fe with their 'high educations'. It finished her political career for a lot of us folks who had thought she might go places.

Think of it! Saying someone is inferior or unqualified for political office because they are well educated. It is almost to hard to take in.

Factoid. Did you know that the Democratic convention had 1000 African American delegates and the Republicans have 40? The crowd in that arena doesn't represent America for sure. It reprsents the oil and gas industry who peppered 'Drill Now' signs throughout the seats.


AHD said...

how many 'real' Americans go to ivy league universities? 1,000 black delegates does not give you the credibility to say the socialist dems represent a 'real' America. You are ignoring the historical party shift made by many Republican African-Americans in the 1930's because the new deal government only assured jobs to Democrats. You should ask your well educated kids about this historical fact and not use race to parrot your deep disgust for normal Americans.


Jim Baca said...

This is a normal thought process of a right wing republican....saying real americans dont have good educations.

Natalie said...

"Real Americans" is not a definition but a slur used by right wing Republicans. And, yes, it could definitely be construed as a racist slur especially when you consider the true lack of "color" at the Republican convention.

I noticed it, too, Jim. And I was looking... There was a definite lack of "diversity" in that crowd.

I certainly didn't feel represented.

But, then, I'm a

If all the Republicans can do is disparage any group that doesn't fit into their mold, and that is their platform, as obviously held by the "pitbull in lipstick", well, then, they simply don't care about or represent the diversity that makes up the character of this great nation.

Paul said...

Demonize is the only change the McCain folks will showcase. Palin demonstrates that last night. This a desparate flash in the pan. Good night John and Sarah.