Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fiscal Responsibility

Sheriff Darren White, the chair of george bush's campaign in Bernalillo County, is out with an attack ad that lies about Democrat Martin Heinrich's tax policies. The bush/cheney loving sheriff said not long ago that bush was great for the economy and was creating jobs. Here is a snippet about that.
  • Darren White supported George W. Bush's failed economic policies. "[F]amilies in New Mexico are making progress. America's economy is strong and getting stronger. The president believes Americans finding work is good for New Mexico." [Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/20/04]
So, lets tie this one around the Sheriff's neck like a dead chicken around a fowl killing dog's neck. He should have to live with it and Martin Heinrich's campaign should not let up on it.

Now, having said that and generally thinking White would be a disaster in Congress because of his bush conservatism, I think he has done an okay job as sheriff. He hired some good people to get rid of the problems there. But, just because he has been an okay Sheriff doesn't mean he would make a good congressman. They are two different things entirely. So, lets give Darren White the opportunity to serve out his second term as sheriff. Keep him here in Bernalillo County.

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