Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We Get What We Deserve

When we reelected bush we got what we deserved. Well, at least half the nation who voted for him did. Now, after listening to the republicans bash Obama as nothing more than a celebrity they have now unabashedly put forth their own celebrity VP candidate. She belongs to a church whose members speak in tongues, she disparages community organizing(which got women the vote some years back), she has no respect for the wildlife in her beautiful state of Alaska, but as republicans say, 'she is a hottie'. So, if we end up with her as VP or possibly President because the old guy's cancer returns, then we, as a nation, can blame no one but ourselves.

This just might be the state of politics in this country now. Money and dirty tricks seem to work better than policy talk and depth. The one hope we have for Obama is that he is taller than McCain and that seems kind of important in politics too.

I am a secret admirer of "South Park". There is much wisdom in those little boys adventures and morals at the end of the day. One thing they hit time and again is the theory that 25% of Americans have no clue about anything. I sometimes agree with them, but that makes me an elitist I guess.

I do put some credence in counting bumper stickers and yard signs. In my nice neighborhood I have many neighbors with Obama stickers and signs. I have yet to see any for McCain.

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