Sunday, September 21, 2008


One thing you can expect from the Rove type of politics suffered on us by the republicans is that they most likely have a contingency plan for every scenario over the next six weeks. Mostly it will involve lies and sleaze. But it is certainly coming and I want Obama, Udall, and Heinrich prepared for it. Lets hope they are. Mark my words that these campaigns will descend to the lowest ring of hell. Yes, that means lower than what McCain/Palin are doing right now.

Speaking of something low, it seems that good European Christian folks are viewing Jews and Muslims with increasing levels of distrust. Ah, religion. Sometimes I don't think this civilization hasn't got a chance. Maybe the Pope and his Cardinals should say something?

Finally, a little advice to the Heinrich Campaign. Before early voting starts I would concentrate all of my advertising on showing these two pictures together.

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Dan said...

I found it very interesting how White brought Bush to town to raise a couple million from rich people but somehow managed to avoid being photographed with his role-model.