Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Takes Off the Gloves

This is what Obama needs to keep doing for the rest of the campaign.

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Natalie said...

I was reading this article when another article along the sidelines caught my attention. It was about McSame's new ad regarding Obama's supposed attack on Palin and how he air dropped an army of 30 lawyers into Alaska to check up on Palin. Ironically, the ad uses wolves for the depiction of the lawyers running loose in Alaska.
Someone forgot to tell McSame that Palin has attempted to murder all of the wolves in Alaska... and now she wants to use their images (probably from Wyoming, or somewhere else) to get their point across.

I really hate the hate campaign McCain and Company are running. I'm glad Obama has stood up and said enough. The unfortunate thing is... people believe what they see on television.
Obama needs to set about hitting the airwaves with facts and soundbites of what he will do... concretely and keep up the barrage if only to show the differences between the two campaigns.
And then they should debate... NOW.

I truly think Obama would kick his arse in a debate and I definitely think Biden can take Palin.