Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heinrich's Role in a Tie Breaker

First, here is the commercial I have been waiting for. Just run it constantly Martin Heinrich campaign.

I am reminded by a friend of another really important reason to elect Martin Heinrich as our new Congressman in this district. That reason is a possible tie in electoral votes after the election for President. If both Obama and McCain recieved 269 electoral college votes then the election will be determined by the new Congress. The House picks a President and the Senate picks the Vice President.

Each state gets only one vote however and that vote, for President, is determined by the vote of the congressmen in the state. In New Mexico we have 3 congressmen, so we need two of them to be Democratic to swing the state for Obama. If bush lover Darren White is elected he could team up with a Republican from the southern district, if they win that one, and put the state's one vote in the McCain column.

This is not a far fetched scenario. It could happen, just like Gore winning the popular vote in 2000, but still losing to bush in the electoral college. (Aided and Abetted by the bush Supreme Court)

So no matter where you live just vote for the Democrat running for Congress as another vaccination against continuing the bush administration by McCain.

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