Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Any Other Day

If the report on the Justice Department firings of U.S. Attorneys had come out on any other day but yesterday, we would have seen major news coverage of Senator Pete Domenici, Congresswoman Heather Wilson, and Sheriff Darren White's complicity. Oh, lets dont forget Pat Rogers and the rest of the extreme rightwingers too. Last night I watched local TV news and the story got very little coverage. Astonishingly, the Albuquerque Journal didn't even mention White's name in the story it did. How could that happen?

Even so, I think it is enough to pretty much finish the Sheriff's run for Congress against former City Council President Martin Heinrich. Martin, give me a call and I will write a TV commercial for you. Although, curiously, White has run such a poor campaign that maybe it isn't necessary. I don't know why this is happened, but I think the Republican party is so fragmented here that they just never got their 'merde' together.

Martin has run a good campaign for the this particular time in this congressional district's history. I think he will win by as good a margin as Heather used to win her seat.

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