Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Campaign for Mayor

So, Marty Chavez is cheating by using his face on city advertising. What else is new? His name is on every city vehicle too. And he is using taxpayer salaried folks in his office to respond to campaign issues like this. If Richard Romero and the republican in the race want to effectively campaign then they need to stick to big picture items rather than work the Mayor over on his cheating, er I mean strategy. People just really do not care about this stuff. Right now they care about the economy and their future.

Here is an issue they could talk about. Have the city encourage the use of solar voltaic panels on homes by passing a zoning ordinance requiring Homer Owners Associations to expeditiously approve these climate changing systems. Like 10 days max. If they are visible from a street or not.I built the second home in my subdivision and the HOA covenants say you need approval for these systems. It also says they must lay flat on the roofs, thus diminishing their efficiency. They really need to be at a 35 degree angle to the roof here at this latitude to get full benefits of the sun. I will keep you posted on my interactions with the HOA on this.

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