Monday, May 11, 2009

Local TV News

I was joking the other day that many of the local female TV reporters look like that Ms. California who had implants paid for by the Ms. California pageant. She then attacked gay marriage and now is facing loss of her crown because of some topless photos that were made public. (Before or after implants, I don't know but I will keep you abreast of it.)

Anyway, It does seem like there is a formula for how TV reporters should look these days. One wonders if the attractiveness is more important than the substance. You don't see many ugly or fat reporters on TV. So you can deduce that attractiveness is paramount.

That all could be beside the point. Local TV News is certainly in as bad a shape as newspapers right now. One could argue you should not care because most local news these days involves sex and DUI, and not much more. But, I actually do care because local TV can rise to the occasion when needed. We just have to put up with all the fluff for those occasional important stories they pick up from the Newspapers and Associated Press. Oh, what happens when those print people go out of business?

This is all pretty scary. Even mediocre journalism is better than no journalism. Maybe that is what we need to settle for right now. Internet news sites might be the only long range solution.

I am not sure this country could function with out independent journalism.

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Cardinale said...

Funny because it is true, it would be hard to get 100% on this.